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Qartio How We Work

Qartio’s process:

1. Defining the project

  1. Discussion on what the customer’s project is all about
  2. Defining the customer’s needs: project management, development, manufacturing, testing, logistics…
  3. Customer describes the critical high-level goals (e.g. cost savings, quality, speed, delivery accuracy)
  4. Qartio prepares a preliminary analysis of the project together with Qartio’s partner network
  5. Preliminary assessment of the project parameters is delivered to the customer (pricing info, time table…)

2. Agreements

The delivery contract is signed, including following annexes:

  1. Statement of work (SOW), where the main responsibilities and expected results are described
  2. Pricing info
  3. Time table
  4. Agreement concerning reporting
  5. List of main contact persons
  6. General terms and conditions

3. Project kick-off

  1. Operative kick-off meeting where all key contacts are present
  2. Recap of goals, time tables, contact network, reporting agreement

4. Project realization

  1. Project management
  2. Time table follow-up
  3. Cost follow-up
  4. Reporting according to agreement
  5. Result follow-up
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